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Translation of C’est pas toi qui m’auras by Pauline

June 1, 2009

Sorry for the long absence – I’ve been in France for a week watching some tennis.

Here is another track from Pauline’s Allô le monde. C’est pas toi qui m’auras might be translated as “You’re not going to have me” – with the emphasis on the “You’re” to mean something like “not you mate” but in French they don’t really use emphasis like this.

In English we might say “In the end, I did it”, if we were trying to point out that there were other people who may have done it instead. In French to create the emphasis on the “I” you would say “Enfin, c’était moi qui l’ai fait” as opposed to placing the emphasis on the “je” in “Enfin, je l’ai fait“.

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Translation of Allô le monde by Pauline

May 4, 2009

This is the title track from the Pauline’s debut album Allô le monde. Pauline (Pauline Vasseur) is a young, classical trained pianist from Lens in France.

Quite unlike the previous post, this is a quite a straightforward translation.

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