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La Ruda

La Ruda’s Odéon 1014 Released Today

March 21, 2011

I’m off to the gym to try to cycle another 12 miles on one of those evil bikes. Hopefully my mind will be somewhat distracted from the grim reality of my lack of fitness by La Ruda’s new album, Odéon 1014, which I have just picked up from the Amazon MP3 store, which, happily was […]

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Translation of La Parade de Gordon Banks by La Ruda

October 16, 2009

The time will come when I decide to write my top ten list of the best French language albums of 2009. You know what it’s like when you make a list like that – you’ve probably got three or four “no-brainers” which are going to be in there no matter what, and then you may […]

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Translation of Eddie voit rouge by La Ruda

September 3, 2009
Stand up, ladies and gentlemen
I’m sure you’ll love his new song
This man is a wonderful composer
Combined to a talented singer
He sang for you Water Mint Colour
For me it’s a really great honour
Stand up ‘cos he is with us tonight
Please welcome Mr Eddy Mitchell…

That’s the opening to this song by La Ruda, the rest of which is indeed in French. I guess we know that the above verse was not penned by a native English speaker due to the oddness of the phrase “combined to a talented singer”. Even the slightly more correct “combined with” sounds a bit strange, but it’s interesting to note how little phrases of our native language get embedded within our brains to the point where only a poet or a non-native speaker would consider deviating in such a way from the expected phrase “a wonderful composer as well as a talented singer”.

Eddy Mitchell was a French actor and singer, originally called Claude Moine who took his new name, according to Wikipedia, due to his admiration for American-born French actor Eddie Constantine. The song includes several references to songs by the singer which include songs such as Johnny B Goode which he covered with French lyrics (which, out of interest started Mon ami Chuck Berry chante depuis toujours, de drôles d’aventures dans des histoires d’amour) as he did with other famous Rock ‘n’ Roll tracks such as “Riding along in my automobile” (which became À credit et en stéreeo).

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Translation of Pensées malsaines by La Ruda

June 11, 2009

24 images/second is the most played of all my French language albums and this is the third La Ruda track from that album that I have translated here. It’s a bit bonkers, both in French and English – hopefully the translation manages to convey some of the imagery.

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Translation of Héros cherche aventures by La Ruda Salska

April 28, 2009

Apologies for the length of time since the last post – I’ve been away in France for a while.

As we’ve previously mentioned, La Ruda started life as a ska band before changing their style into a heavier, rock sound. This song – Héros cherche aventures – “Hero seeks adventure” is from the album Passager du réel and is one of the first songs where they are moving towards their new style.

This has been quite a tricky translation – as always – comments, corrections, critisicms welcome.

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Translation of Paris en bouteille by La Ruda

April 6, 2009

This is the second song I have posted from the album 24 Images / Second by La Ruda. The title of this song comes from the expression Avec des si, on mettrait Paris en Bouteille “With ‘ifs’ you can put Paris in a bottle” – meaning that anything is possible if you create enough conditions (Ifs). “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.”

The whole song is, by design, packed with little French expressions and this makes it interesting (I should really say here “impossible”) to translate.

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Translation of Travers by La Ruda

March 26, 2009

Travers is the last song on one of my favourite French albums – 24 Images / Second by La Ruda. This album is the first album by the band since they changed their name from the original La Ruda Salska and the first album on which the group changed to a much more rocky style than their previous albums which were more influenced by ska and salsa music.

Travers translates as fault or failing here as in “Malgré mes travers” – “Depsite my faults”.

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