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Translation of Bon Pépère by Kaïn

October 17, 2010

Placed somewhat arbitrarily at number two in my recent list of my favourite francophone albums, I was suprised that I had not yet posted a translation of a song from Kaïn’s Les Saisons S’tassent. Pépère translates as easy, tranquill, stress-free and is also used to refer to a grandad, or an old man. The phrase […]

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Translation of Ton Histoire by Isabelle Boulay

November 23, 2009

I recently heard a song by Isabelle Boulay on a French radio station. I was suprised how grabbed I was by her voice given that her music is not generally of the genre that immediately catches my attention. As I do in these circumstances, I went in search of the samples that accompany MP3 downloads […]

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Translation of Mélodie by Pep’s

September 18, 2009

I started, and indeed finished this translation back in April. I can’t remember why I choose not to publish it, perhaps I was not entirely happy with the translation, but reading it back I think it’s pretty good. Perhaps my standards are dropping. Pep’s is another band that easily makes my top ten French language […]

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Translation of Saskatschewan by Les Trois Accords

April 13, 2009

I really love the Gros Mammouth Album by Les Trois Accords. This song isn’t really in the style of the album, but has simple lyrics, sung slowly which would put this song very much in the “easy” category except for a few Québécois expressions which may not be immediately recognisable.

And there’s a couple of chuckles to be had.

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Translation of Libertà by Pep’s

April 1, 2009

The album Utopies Dans Le Décor is one of my very favourite albums – the production quality is superb and the clean guitar / folk nature of the album mixed with rich bass lines sounds great.

Although Libertà appears on this album, it first five years earlier on Au Sourire De L’âme where it featured Djazia. The chorus is sung in English and Italian, with all the verses in French.

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