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Translation of Ton Histoire by Isabelle Boulay

November 23, 2009

I recently heard a song by Isabelle Boulay on a French radio station. I was suprised how grabbed I was by her voice given that her music is not generally of the genre that immediately catches my attention. As I do in these circumstances, I went in search of the samples that accompany MP3 downloads […]

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Translation of Mon Pére Etait Tellement De Gauche by Les Fatals Picards

October 28, 2009

“So what is the award for?” “For saving the council money. I happened to mention one day that I’d had the same broom for the last twenty years. They were very impressed and gave me a medal. Twenty years… that’s a long time, Dave.” “Yeah, well it’s two decades.” “Well, I wouldn’t go that far, […]

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A little bit of lazy loveliness

September 26, 2009

The little Amazon MP3 widget and the preview in the iTunes store contain the final 30 seconds of this 49 second song. It’s really quite pleasant and is the opening track to the punk album Compter Les Corps by the Canadian band Vulgaires Machins. I realise that three of the last four posts have been […]

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Translation of Chaque Seconde by KYO

September 21, 2009

KYO was the first band I ever translated on GreatFrenchSongs. At the time I was all over the album Le Chemin and for good reason, it’s a fine album. It hasn’t remained one of my most played but it’s always welcome when a track fires up when my iTunes is shuffling. Yesterday I mentioned that […]

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Translation of Si J’avais Su by Jalane

September 8, 2009

You know me – if I had my way I would just write blog entries about La Ruda and Mademoiselle K. But tonight I only have about an hour to write this entry so I have chosen a song which is very simple lyrically but contains some common, useful French phrases. The sort of phrases […]

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Translation of Le Petit Caillou by Amélie Les Crayons

May 19, 2009

Here’s a slow, melodic song about a pebble, a little reminiscent of Thomas Fersen’s La chauve-souris. Nothing too clever or tricky in the lyrics but quite a lot of good vocabulary that may be new.

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Translation of L’autre bout du monde by Emily Loizeau

May 17, 2009

I have loved Emily Loizeau since I saw her on an episode of TV5 Monde’s Acoustic. Not only is she captivating, but you also find yourself drawn to her cello player, Olivier Koundouno, who occasionally sings a line or two but mostly just sits there looking cool. She is another classically trained pianist. She has a French father and an English mother and often sings in English as well as several other languages.

This is the title track from her first album – L’autre bout du monde. One of my favourite tracks on the album “I’m alive” is, regrettably for this site, in English.

Unfortunately this is a very simple translation so I have struggled to find much of note to mention below…

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Translation of Saskatschewan by Les Trois Accords

April 13, 2009

I really love the Gros Mammouth Album by Les Trois Accords. This song isn’t really in the style of the album, but has simple lyrics, sung slowly which would put this song very much in the “easy” category except for a few Québécois expressions which may not be immediately recognisable.

And there’s a couple of chuckles to be had.

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Translation of Hier Encore by Charles Aznavour

April 3, 2009

Amazon.co.uk Widgets This is a request from my friend Paul who has these lyrics on his fridge.  Hier Encore “Only yesterday” was written in 1961 and has subsequently been released in English with the title “Yesterday when I was young”, and, according to Wikipedia, Italian and Spanish. Videos for both the French and English versions […]

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