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Acoustic Guitar

Translation of M’as-tu dit by Les Trois Accords

October 9, 2009

I was considering skipping a translation for today. Then I decided to try to find a quick and easy one so that I could feel as if I had achieved something more today than simply adding a Twitter link. Who better to turn to in such a circumstance than Les Trois Accords, the bonkers Québécois […]

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Translation of Sèche Tes Pleurs by Daniel Bélanger

April 15, 2009

This translation was all going very well until the final line of the second verse Que l’sud d’la fille lui fasse du nord – which I think is simply too poetic to translate – I suspect only the writer knows what this really means, but I have made a clumsy translation here of “That the girl’s south becomes his north” which perhaps tries to create the image of someone’s world being upended by a girl. There is an interesting discussion on this very line on the Word Reference Forums.

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