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Translation of Petite Soeur by Ben L’Oncle Soul

December 7, 2010

Ben L’Oncle Soul, December 2010Le Pigalle Club, Piccadilly On Friday I had no idea that Ben L’Oncle Soul was due to appear alongside Puggy in London last night. I only found out thanks to a competition on French Radio London. I was beyond excited to be going to see this guy live. I’ve been a […]

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Translation of Lalalove You by BB Brunes

November 22, 2010

BB Brunes premier EP en anglais was released on November 15th and if you listen to the extracts on their album preview page – after listening to the really rather good sounding acoustic version of Battle Lost and Won – you will notice that track four So far so long is in fact Lalalove you […]

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French Radio London Launches Today

November 17, 2010

Today sees the launch of French Radio London which is aimed at the 400,000 strong community of francophones living in London. As it is close to impossible to find a French radio station that plays anything other than a majority of anglophone music, I will be interested to hear the percentage of French speaking music […]

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Translation of Banal Killer by Le Vilain Volatile

November 2, 2010

Le Vilain Volatile are a fantastic French rock/ska band whose first and only album is, as far as I’m aware, available for MP3 purchase only at Xtrib.com. How such a great band is not more widely known, I can only guess. This song, Banal Killer is my favourite track on the album. An upbeat ska/rock […]

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Too Much Things To Do

October 27, 2010

Clear up my mind an’ give some sense To what I feel deep down in my conscience What can I do ? what can I do ? I don’ t know what to do, tell me what to do But there is so much things to do, so much things to do There is so […]

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Translation of Le Fils Caché Du Pape by Babylon Circus

October 23, 2010

I’m surprised I didn’t take advantage of the Pope’s visit to my home town last month to post a translation of this song from my favourite French album. Le Fils Caché Du Pape, written for the group by Mickaël Furnon (Mickey 3D) is one of the slower, creeping songs on La Belle Étoile, perhaps not […]

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Translation of La Rage by Keny Arkana

October 19, 2010

This is a translation of a rap track from Ken Arkana’s first album Entre Ciment Et Belle Etoile. Given the current tense situation in France over pension reforms, the reference in Keny Arkana’s first single La Rage to the civil unrest in France in 2005 has some pertinence. The quality of rap & hip-hop coming […]

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Translation of Bon Pépère by Kaïn

October 17, 2010

Placed somewhat arbitrarily at number two in my recent list of my favourite francophone albums, I was suprised that I had not yet posted a translation of a song from Kaïn’s Les Saisons S’tassent. Pépère translates as easy, tranquill, stress-free and is also used to refer to a grandad, or an old man. The phrase […]

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My Top Francophone Albums

October 14, 2010

I know how difficult it is to find great music in the French language. Even in France you’ll find the majority of songs on the radio are sung in English. In 1996 the situation reached a point where the government felt the need to decree that 40% of all music played by radio stations be […]

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Translation of Next Time by Soan

October 5, 2010

Here is a translation of the cracking opening track from Soan’s debut album Tant Pis which was released at the end of November last year. The album passed me by until a couple of months ago, otherwise it would have certainly been a contender for my list of the top ten albums of 2009. The […]

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