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School of Rock

Too Much Things To Do

October 27, 2010

Clear up my mind an’ give some sense To what I feel deep down in my conscience What can I do ? what can I do ? I don’ t know what to do, tell me what to do But there is so much things to do, so much things to do There is so […]

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Translation of On n’est pas à une bêtise près by Renan Luce

October 8, 2009

One more mischief won’t make any difference Les enfants! Mettez-vous en rang et suivez moi. Il n’y a pas classe ce matin, nous allons vister un studio d’enregistrement. Allez, suivez-moi et en silence. Allez! Children! Get in line and follow me. There’s no class this morning. We’re going to visit a recording studio. Ok then, […]

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English songwriters use the subjunctive too!

September 22, 2009

Amazon.co.uk Widgets Amazon.co.uk Widgets The widgets above contain 30 second snippets of Je t’emmène au vent by both Feet Peals (2008) and Louise Attaque (1997). This rampant song was translated back in April. I am going to use some of the lyrics for my first attempt at explaining something about the French language that bothers […]

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