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Translation of Casi el Silencio by Matmatah

by Chris on July 24, 2013

Archie Kramer is the title of an album that appeared in my Spotify recommendations.

It’s a shame that this opening track is not particularly indicative of the quality of the rest of the tracks on the album, in fact after a few bars of the third track, “La dernière aventure d’Archie Kramer”, I wanted to end it all – as I’ve said before it is everything I hate about everything packed into one track.

The album is split about 50:50 between very good songs and monstrous, murderous, stress bombs, but the opening track, “Casi el Silencio” is very, very good.

You can preview it along with a few other recent translations in the iTunes widget to the right.

The Spanish title translates as “Almost silent”, and there are a couple of other pieces of Spanish in the song which I have also translated into English with a little help.  Luckily the rest of the song is in French.

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EnfilerPut on, pull on
Enfilons nos beaux habits de travail bien accompli
Put on our best clothes for a job well done
La gueuleMouth / Face (colloquial)
Ferme ta guele = Shut your face En prendre plein la gueule = Take one right in the kisser
Que nous tombe sur la gueule, une pluie de météores
For a a meteor shower to fall right on our faces
Phrases / Idioms
à l'instar deIn the manner of; following the example of
Inutile d'attendre à l'instar des dinosaures
No need to wait like the dinosaurs
Casì el silencio - Matmatah
Almost silent (translation of Casì el silencio by Matmatah)
Allons mettre le nez dehors voir ceux qui bougent encore  Let's poke our nose outside to see those who are still moving
Enfilons nos beaux habits de travail bien accompli  Put on our best clothes for a job well done
Nous avons enfin réussi à mettre tout le monde d'accord  We finally managed to get everyone to agree
À coup d'uranium enrichi dans le ventre de nos saloperies  Some enriched uranium in the belly of our junk
Cela m'étonnerait fort  It would surprise me greatly
Mais vérifions qu'aucun n'se batte encore  But let's check that noone is still fighting
Lhassa, Roma, Casì el silencio  Lhasa, Roma, almost silent
Habana Vieja, Casì el silencio  Habana, Vieja, almost silent
Berlin ,Bombay, Casì el silencio  Berlin ,Bombay, almost silent
Pékin, Soweto, Casì el silencio  Beijing, Soweto, almost silent
Pensez-vous vraiment que nous ayons eu tort ?  Do you really think that we were wrong?
Rien qu'une minute et demi pour régler tous les conflits  Just a minute and a half to resolve all conflicts
Inutile d'attendre à l'instar des dinosaures  No need to wait like the dinosaurs
Que nous tombe sur la gueule, une pluie de météores  For a meteor shower to fall on our faces
Ce scénario-là, nous l'avons écrit  That scenario, we wrote
Vérifions que tout le monde dort  Check that everyone is asleep
Moscou, Paris, Casì el silencio  Moscow, Paris, almost silent
Buenos Aires, Casì el silencio  Buenos Aires, almost silent
Mission control, Casì el silencio  Mission control, almost silent
New York City, Casì el silencio  New York City, almost silent
Un jour viendra sans doute le temps des remords  No doubt a day will come undoubtedly when we'll regret it
Mais je l'ai eu ce paradis rien que pour vous et moi chérie  But I got this paradise just for you and me baby
Ne vous plaignez pas de vous sentir un peu seule à bord  Don't complain if you feel a bit lonely on board
Si l'enfer, c'était les autres, pourquoi ces larmes sur votre corps  If hell was other people, why do these tears on your body?
Comme si ne vous suffisait pas ma seule compagnie  As if my company alone was not enough
Vérifions alors si quelqu'un n'est pas mort  Check then if there's someone who is not dead
London, Sydney, Casì el silencio  London, Sydney, almost silent
Barcelona, Casì el silencio  Barcelona, almost silent
Bangkok, Hawaï, Casì el silencio  Bangkok, Hawaii, almost silent
Hiroshima, Silencio de nuevo  Hiroshima, silent again
J'entends encore sonner une dernière fois les cloches?  Do I still hear the bells ringing for the last time?
Bang, bang, Big Ben, c'est le Big Crunch.  Bang, bang, Big Ben, the Big Crunch.
Hong-Kong, L.A., Casì el silencio  Hong-Kong, L.A., almost silent
Tokyo, Alger, Casì el silencio  Tokyo, Alger, almost silent
Gaza, Mexico, Casì el silencio  Gaza, Mexico, almost silent
United-Nations, Casì el silencio  United-Nations, almost silent
Dis-moi que j'au eu tort, Casì el silencio  Tell me I was wrong, almost silent
Silencio de sueño Silence of sleep

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